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Decoration credit: how to anticipate its financing!


You would like to provide a wind of uniqueness in the decoration of your home, whether or not for desire or requirement. You do not have all the savings necessary to realize your project quickly?
The credit conso is a possible option to provide life to your deco task without waiting.

Create your deco project a real possibility with a loan

Make your decore project a reality with a loan

The reason why to invest in a deco task are numerous:

  • You have tired of your design and want to redo the interior of your house.
  • You need to provide your home up to date before promoting your home.
  • Your kids has grown up, his tastes have got evolved and you would like to re-think his room.
  • You have just moved into a brand new home and want or even need to buy some home furniture.

Credit provides a quick response to your requirements and desires.
Its interest rate is very appealing: the trend has been declining for many years.

Some deco projects can not be postponed, even though you do not have all the necessary cost savings. Credit can be an alternative. The deco credit is perfect for everyone (owners, tenants), and include all your expenses related to your own decoration projects: purchase associated with equipment, furniture, intervention of the professional, etc .

How much to borrow for the deco project?

How much to borrow for your deco project?

Just you can budget the amount you will need. To know how much to budget for to your project, you must have discovered it beforehand:

  • How many parts are participating?
  • Would you like to replace the floors? The coating from the walls?
  • Do you wish to completely change the style of the bedroom? Buy new furniture?
  • Ideally, would you like to become accompanied by a professional? Or would you prefer to do everything by itself?

Designed for projects that involve significant work, with interventions over the electrical installation and / or domestic plumbing, it is recommended to be accompanied by an expert.

To note:

If you go through an inside designer, plan between eighty and 200 € each hour. Do not forget to ask your pet for a quote before he or she starts your job.

Did you know?

If you are using an interior designer for a total renovation, with big job opportunities to be envisaged, his remuneration will be done on a portion of the total amount of work.

Depending on the surface of your house and the complexity of the function to be expected, count among 10 and 15% from the total budget of the function.

Which credit score to choose for your deco task?

Which credit to choose for your deco project?

Depending on your preferences as well as the amount of your project, several types of financial loans are available to you:

  • A personal loan: the total amount borrowed via this type of mortgage can be spent as you desire. You will not have proof to give to the lending institution.
  • Revolving credit: revolving mortgage allows to have available the sum of money, used in whole or even only in part, as soon as you require it. This option is distinguished simply by its flexibility: you spend interest on the amounts utilized and, as and when your payments, the usable reserve is definitely reconstituted.
  • A good appropriated credit: it makes this possible to finance the particular purchase of a good or even particular product, which should be specified in the contract. Other than exception, this type of credit is just not very suitable for decoration tasks.

Essential: the maximum amount that can be borrowed using a consumer credit is € seventy five, 000.

Do you realize?

Among the experts in the decoration market, you will find interior designers and designers. Their field of involvement is not the same:

  • The decorator can simply intervene on the purely ornamental part: arrangement, selection of furnishings, coverings, door cladding, and so forth
  • The interior developer, for his part, may take care of all the renovation plus development of your home.

How to get a personal mortgage for your deco project?

How to get a personal loan for your deco project?

To find the best loan offer, it is very important compare existing credits on the market. With our loan comparison functions, you have access to the best prices negotiated with our partners, absolutely free and without commitment.

All you need to do is stipulate the amount you want to borrow for the deco project, and the preferred repayment period. Then, in order to mount your file, you will need to provide:

  • proof of identity;
  • a proof of address associated with less than 3 months;
  • your last 3 claims of account;
  • proof of income: pay moves or last tax discover, etc .

To note:

According to the institution, the list of files to send may differ slightly.

Your file will be studied by the lenders, that will send you a personalized credit score offer. Once the contract can be signed, you will have a 14-day drawback period.

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